Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Morning (mourning)?

Good morning!
I shouldn't say mourning, except I was sort mourning the end of another weekend and not much crossed off my list of things to do. It's not like I didn't do anything, but my list is just seems so freaking long. So what did I get done....well, on Friday evening I went to a winter holiday parade in my small town. It's the one that I helped originate and organize. It was bittersweet to watch knowing that I helped start this tradition but that because of personal differences, I was no longer a part of it. Now I've talked about this parade before but for those who may be new, let me set the scene....Small town central MN. Temperature at a balmy 14 degrees, lighted and musical floats, princesses, and a wonderful fire department collecting Toys for Tots. We then decided to "warm up" with chili at the chili feed fund raiser and some ice cold Coors Lights. It was a fun night to spend with friends.

Saturday was a work day so not much accomplished except for driving all over town to find vanilla almond bark. Whew! That certainly was a struggle.

Sunday is one of my favorite activities of the season....baking with my friend. Except this year, we both were not feeling it. See here in Minnesota, when there is no snow, we have a hard time getting into the Christmas Spirit. There are parts of MN with snow, just not here in central MN. Now, I struggle with this because I'm driving 64 miles round trip to work and love that the roads are clear, but we are going to need some snow for Christmas. How about you? Are you in the Christmas spirit?

Here's what we made: Cut-outs, Oreo balls and dipped Oreos, and a candy that my mom used to make. She had gotten some other stuff done before I got there so I have to make some of those at home. This has to get done before long so I can mail it to my parents in Florida.

And that brings us to Monday morning (mourning)...I was just wishing that we could have to Sundays this week.

Enjoy your day and we will talk again soon!

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  1. Nelle? NELLE!
    Blogger finally let me comment! If it's any consolation we've had no snow here either :(