Thursday, March 11, 2010

Randon thoughts

Random #1: So it's roughly two weeks until I move into my house. I'm getting very nervous and scare and excited. I hope to have pictures to show you - before and after. I pray that my friends will help out their inexperienced friend with her house woes.

Random #2: Is watching "Real Housewives" really that bad? I was having drinks and apps with some friends and one thought it was appalling that some of us watched it.

Random #3: How do people who you don't know get listed under the "suggested" friends on Facebook. It's stalker like

Random #4: Will this blog ever be viewed other then the two people who I know are reading...Thank you by the way.

Random #5: Thank God for friends...I'm starting to doubt finding a man that wants to be with me.

Random #6: Why is Coor's lite soooo good. (yes it deserved 4 "O"s)

Random #7: How much crap does a girl and two cats really need?

Random #8: What is it that a cat sees when it stars at a a spot on the wall.

Random #9: I miss when I don't see my church ladies group.

Random #10: How did the Pioneer Women get to where she is.

Well, time for another beer...everyone have a good night