Sunday, September 18, 2011

Peyton Place and other random thoughts

Hello everyone!

For the one or two people that follow me (if there are that many), I apologize for the lack of participation over the last couple of months. I just felt that I didn't have much to say. In other words, I was licking my wounds from a couple of months of getting "kicked while I was down".

Here is, in a nut shell, what went down.

1. Laid off from my job of 23 years

2. The guy I was seeing broke up with me. (in truth, he was 19 years younger then me so I knew it had an expiration date...but still.

3. The job that I interviewed for and thought that I would get, I didn't. I was 2ND.

4. My water heater broke and flooded my basement for several days.

5. The guy that broke up with me came back to me and said that he made a mistake and could he call me only to text me the next day and tell me that his work was sending him out of state to work for two or more months.

I think that there was something else, but I can't remember. At any rate, I just couldn't take it anymore. I thought to myself, is it ever going to get better? Or actually, I just sat around and waited for the next shoe to drop. So a friend of mine suggested that I have my "cards" read. My tarot cards, that is. She had been saying this to me for months prior but I just brushed her off saying that that was a bunch of malarky. But after all of these things started weighing on me, I thought, what the hell it couldn't hurt. I just really wanted to it ever going to get better? When will this cloud of gloom and doom lift off of me? So I made the appointment and I have to admit, I felt 100% better after seeing her. I won't go into details because it's not something I am ready to share yet, but all the cards were favorable and I felt that the sun shone a little brighter that day.

How has my life changed since then, well....(1) I have obtained a temporary job doing something completely different then I was before. Let's just say that I went from business casual to wearing steel toe shoes and carrying my lunch in a sack and I LOVE IT. lunch "sack" is a brightly striped bag that if it was bedazzled a little could go almost anywhere. But what couldn't with a little bedazzling? (2) I have obtained a library card and have become obsessed with it, (3) I have discovered that I LOVE shopping at the Goodwill and have found many, many bargins there. More on that later. (3) I discovered or should I say rediscovered that I have the best friends and family in the world. They have been very supportive to me during all of this.

So on to the title of my post...Peyton Place. Since I am OBsessed (hear Rachael Zoe's voice here) with my library card, I have read book after book. I have ordered them online and waited with anticipation for each on to be ready for pick up. The Help, now that one took a while. I was 117 in queue for that. About every other day I would log in to see what number I was and zip....there it was. Now that book was AHmazzing. But what I got curious about was a book that was mentioned in The Help, the one-time banished book called Peyton Place. So I "rented" it from the library and I couldn't put it down. My version was actually a twofer. I got Peyton Place and Return to Peyton Place. I highly suggest reading both of these. There is one MAJOR flaw in the second book. They changed the name of the main characters. I would have to say that it was just a job of poor, very poor editing. So I say...check it out. It was very interesting to see what was so risque about it back in 1956. It also made me think about how things have changed and what we are used to seeing on a regular basis on the TV, internet, magazines, etc.

Next on my list is Fried Green Tomatoes. Which when you look it up at the library it is listed as having some gay issues. Don't really remember that from the movie. I'll read and report back to you.

Enjoy the to you again soon.....