Friday, September 18, 2009

What the...!

So I get all excited that I have a blog. WHOO HOO!!! And then what do I do, nothing. I post nothing....nothing!

Okay so enough bad punctuation and swearing at myself.

What I've been up to since logging my first post is as follows:

1. Celebrated my birthday - which can take several weeks to complete.
2. Started sewing on my first quilt ever.
3. Stated sewing for the first time since the 9Th grade. See #2 for project.
4. Spent some time recovering from said birthday celebrations.
5. Ordered from Etsy for the first time ever.
6. Helped a friend celebrate their 40Th birthday (notice how much I like to celebrate stuff)
7. Started reading the Elm Creek Quilts books and have completed the first two. They seriously need to be made into a movie.
8. Lived regular life and jobs. (yes plural. I work two jobs)

So it's not not like I've been just sitting around doing nothing but watch NCIS marathons. Oh, wait, yes I did that too. That Gibbs can really pull you in. A girl has got to wonder if they really make men like that. And if so, where do I meet them.

So, dear blogging world (which is just me at this point), I promise to post more thoughts, observations and perhaps, just perhaps some bitching. Eventually I'll get a digital camera and post photos of my work if you promise not to judge my ability.

Have a great weekend - drink some beer. I will!