Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's resolutions

Hello all,
My hope is that all of you reading this had a wonderful Christmas holiday. If you were anywhere in the Midwest, you had to spend a good deal of time shoveling snow...many inches of snow. My travel plans changed due to the fact that I didn't want to drive in the crappy weather.
So now we begin the new week thinking of where the last year went and what great things we will accomplish in the new year. I'm wondering why we do that and does any body really fulfill the long list of "resolutions". I want to make this year different. To be accountable for the resolutions that I made sitting by myself on New Year's Eve. Maybe if I share them with you with specifics and then report to you how I am doing. Can you help me with that? Maybe you can share your resolutions with me and we can help each other.
So here we go (no laughing or judging. Some will be stupid and simple)
1. Balance my checkbook each payday. I don't know why this is so hard to do but I hate it and I want to be more on track. This will help me to have my bills more organized and pay them on time and not just within the grace period.
2. Exercise more - I need to have a healthier live style and I'm going to be in a wedding next November. I will be 10 years older then all the other bridesmaids and I want to look my best.
3. Don't let the laundry pile up too high.
4. Clean the house so that I won't be embarrassed if somebody just stopped by.
5. Buy a house - this one I am actively working on. I'm going to see a house for the second time. More on that later.
6. Get a library card. Simple and should have done it sooner. We have a great library - brand new and I haven't even been inside.
7. Entertain more often.
8. Here's a no more, Duh!
So there it is...literally out there in black and white. Perhaps this will be the year that I change my ways and actually accomplish those goals.
So what do you have on your "resolution" list? Share some with me and maybe this will be the year for both of us to accomplish those goals.
Happy New Year, blogworld. God Bless

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter parades

Hello Blog world,

So tonight is a blustery cold and snowy night here in central MN. It's the first measurable snow and it's blowing like the Dickens. So you ask, "Why would anyone live in this type of weather?" Well I can't really answer that because I think we all ask that at least once a winter. Now, once I get a digital camera (don't say it, I know), I can show you just how beautiful this area can be in the winter.

So what is that we do when the weather turns cold? Well here in central MN several communities, including the great one that I live in, plan outside activities. Yes...outside. One of those activities includes having a parade. Yes...outside. I know of at least 5 different communities that hold these parades. They are a lot of work to facilitate but the payoff is much greater. Yes, blog world, that's what I've been doing. Planning an outdoor parade in the middle of winter. If you are reading this from a warm state, you should check one out sometime. They are a hoot.

Since I've been a slacker on the blogging lately here is another one of my lists to update you

Here at Nelle's Nook we've been up to the following:

1. the usual cleaning, working, laundry

2. planning above mentioned parade

3. surviving H1N1

4. attending other community parades with the best decorated float of all time

5. suffering through another terrible cold - excuse my sneezing

6. and the very best thing of all time, something I have been crushing on for years and years....I purchased my very own Kitchenaid 5 quart stand mixer in Green Apple. I will post a picture as soon as I get a digital camera (I know!) It was a very big purchase for me, but there was a deal and a mail in rebate and a small windfall of cash.

This purchase caused a chain reaction. First, since it was such an awesome color, it's home, of course, is on the countertop. Since I live in a small apartment, countertop space is at a premium price. So I had to do some rearranging. I purchased another shelving unit this one just for $24.00 at Home Depot, cleaned out the kitchen closet, set the shelf up in there. This new shelving space, caused me to clean out and rearrange a couple of other cabinets.

All in all, things are getting more organized for a little while that is.

Now, I can't wait to start making Christmas cookies. Let me ask you this blog world, is it lame to send parents who are retired in a warm state, homemade cookies, breads, towels and a cd? They don't need or want anything. Is this too cheap or since it's homemade from me, would it be appreciated? What reactions have you gotten on homemade gifts or better yet, do you like receiving them?

Let me know.

I promise to write more. But in the mean time..,may the true meaning of the holidays be in your heart and not in your pocketbook.

From us here at Nelle's Nook - Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas