Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fleeting moments...

Since moving into my new house, I have had "moments" in which this "house" felt like "home", my home. One time was last week when I was sick in bed all day. I got to see the sun come up an pass over the whole house. Each hour bringing a different glow or shadow to a room.

The very first one was before I bought the house. I was with my realtor and a friend in the basement when another friend arrived and I was running up the stairs and I stopped all of a sudden because a sense of "home" came over me. Like being in my home with my friends coming to visit was a sense of completeness.

Tonight was another one of those feelings. I had come home after a particularly crappy day at work. Finished raking some leaves and decided that it was too nice of a night to just do chores in the house. I wiped off a new lawn chair, got a soda (yes...soda), brought my book outside and sat down. I just looked around my lawn and my house and my garage and my trees and my birds (yes...they are my birds)and breathed. In and out. Out and in. Again I was overcome by a feeling of completeness.

Now I know that as time goes on these won't be fleeting moments anymore. They will just be how I feel all the time. Will it become the norm. Will I not stop and look at everything when I first come home? Will I just go up the walk, start the laundry and look at the bills? I hope not. I hope that while they are fleeting moments, they are the moments that fill me with pride, happiness, and yes completeness. I hope they never go away.

Until later....Nelle's Nook!

PS When I picked my blog name, I had no idea that Nelle's Nook would actually become a real structure and not just a feeling.

Moved In...

Hello out there...

It's official and the papers are signed, the boxes have been packed and some are unpacked...I have purchased my first house. It was a very scary step, but I'm glad I've done it.

What have I learned in this adventure? Well, first and foremost, I learned or should I say I was reminded that I have the most amazing friends in the world. They supported me through the initial process, they moved, they've painted, they've racked my lawn. They have done so many things for me that I'm not sure how I'll ever thank them. The fact that in 24 hours my little house went from drab to fab... No really it did. The previous owners really, REALLY like sponge painting. It was everywhere. Now unfortunately, my camera batteries went dead the minute I started taking "before" pictures so I'll have to figure out a way to get some pictures on here for you to see.

I've spent more money in the last three weeks at the Home Depot then I ever thought that I would. I've really come to love walking around the aisles. Plus they are very show a lot of patience for a girl who doesn't know grass seed from her a...well you get the picture. So any advise you can give me...I appreciate at.

Now I want to wonder off to a totally different topic. April is National Card and Letter Writing month. If you've been reading along, you know that letter writing is a topic that is dear to my heart. So I challenge you to send one letter a week, at least, for the rest of April. It doesn't have to be long or pretty, it should just come from your heart and should brighten the recipient's day. Of course, finding fun, pretty stationery doesn't hurt.

Until next time...Time to close the nook up for the night. Thanks for listening to my ramblings