Thursday, January 28, 2010

Church Ladies

Hello blogworld,
Tonight I had the great honor of joining a 100 year old tradition. Or at least I think it's that old. I met with my "church ladies group" for a service project. We haven't decided on a name yet but I keep telling them we can't call it group or my friends will think I'm in therapy. Anyway, we formed a small women's group in my church. We met for the first time last week and decided that the main kitchen of our church need a scrub down. I was by far the youngest of our group so far. It's good to finally be the youngest again at something. I just am so amazed how much fun I had. This group of women range in ages, careers, background, financial stability but all of us came together and were all equals. Now we've decided that we aren't going to be the cleaning crew. Much like the circles that used to meet in Lutheran churches everywhere, our group hopes to have the following criteria: fellowship, stewardship and bible study that pertains to our lives today. I'm very excited about this group. Perhaps it's because I lost my mother when I was younger and I yearn for someone to fill that void. At any rate. Stay tuned for updates. Hopefully we can come up with a decent name.

No house updates. I can't wait to move. Hopefully, I will have a bunch of friends to help.

May the sun shine upon your day tomorrow no matter where in the world you are.

Monday, January 25, 2010

New House!

Hello blogworld,

Well, I did it. In one short month I thought about, looked at, pondered over, made an offer and bought a house. Now this house is little and old...not unlike me...well except for the little part. HA HA. I never thought that I would be buying a house on my own at this age. But I decided to take a leap of faith and here I am.

In the coming months, I'll be taking photos, lot of before photos. Hopefully, it won't be too long before some "after" photos appear here as well.

As I mentioned this house is little, approximately 940 square feet spread out between a main level and a basement. It does have the requirements that I always said I wanted. I wanted three bedrooms no matter the size, I wanted a garage and I wanted to stay living here in small town Minnesota. While it does have all of those requirements I am not looking through rose colored glasses. This is not my dream house. My dream house would have been a huge affair with many bedrooms and bathrooms, a huge dining room where my friends would gather, with horses and land and a rich husband to pay for it. So instead I have this house. It's cute and hopefully I will make it warm and inviting. I guess that all I really wanted is a house where my friends would want to come and share good times and probably some bad with me. Where they would feel welcome and comfortable. What this house does lack on size I guess it's up to me to make the rest happen.

There are some quirky things about this house. One of the things is that i don't have much for closet space and that my organizational skills are going to be tested to the limit. Hopefully, you all will be kind enough to share some tips and tricks.

I am going to need to lean on my friends for advice and help (moving and painting). I don't really know what I'm in for but I know I can count on them to ease my fears (or bring me beers).

It's going to be a couple of months before I can I have to start packing...Wish me luck.

May tomorrow be a good day for you.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Delayed Christmas

Hello all,
Happy New Year! As you may have read in a previous post, one of my resolutions was to blog more so here I am. One was also to clean and keep up with laundry. Well that's not getting done because I am here with you. Oh well, there is always tomorrow to do the dirty work.
I hope that you all had a safe and fun New Year's Eve. I spent the night with my sister's family. Any time I can spend with my nieces, ages 4 and 9 months, is a good time. My sister and her husband are pretty fun too. Although if you judged us by our New Year's Eve celebration you would think that we were 100 years old. The only one of all of us who saw the new year in was the 9 month old. You can read about my sister and all of her adventures in crafting at her blog,
We had our "delayed Christmas" present opening and it's always one of my favorites. Not only do I get to hear comments like "I love you Auntie" when presents are opened, but my sister stick close to the lists I give and gets me things that I want but haven't bought for myself. A book, fuzzy socks, a cookbook that I have been crushing on for a while, "Baking...from my home to yours" from Dorie Greenspan and a camera. Now I can add pictures. Yea!!!
For some of you in blogworld, you may be familiar with Dorie Greenspan. She's got her own blog and is referenced all over as TWD or Tuesdays with Dorie. TWD is where other bloggers are chosen to bake something and then blog about it. It's pretty cool.
Well, welcome 2010. I hope that all of you have a good year with much happiness and good health.
Until next time.