Thursday, February 18, 2010

Church ladies and cats

I think that I've talked before about my church lady group. Tonight was our second official meeting and it was poorly attended. I'm hoping that people weren't there because they were glued to the TV to watch the Olympics, however, I still made it...
Anyway, there were four of us there and I was for sure the youngest person in the room. Our bible study question was "When God says no" It was about answered prayers. During our conversation I said I sometimes feel that it seems that God is punishing me for something by not bringing just one good man. Of course we all laughed and I said I know that God doesn't punish us but just brings things to us when we are ready for them. The conversation continued to online dating. I said that I wasn't really into it "wasn't how I rolled". It was then when the oldest woman in the group who is probably 65 said, now this is 13 years ago so there wasn't really online dating but I put an add in the singles section and that's how I met my "P". She launched in the best story I've heard in a long time. She said that by the time she hung up the phone after talking with him for the first time, she turned to her cat Daisy and said "well, Daisy are you ready to become a farm cat?" She knew just after that one conversation that this was going to be the man she was going to marry. Now this was her second marriage but still a love story worthy of being put to paper.
I was struck by two things I thought were incredible, 1) she knew right away that this was a good for a lifetime and 2) she talks to her cats TOO! See I'm not crazy.
So I left there feeling recharged with spirituality, the potential of blooming friendships and the hope that true love can find you at any age.
By the way, it's hard to type with a kitty on your lap.
Until next time...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Elm Creek Quilts

Hello Blogworld

I have a confession to make....I'm lazy. I know there are probably better terms such as overworked. But I'm not one to sugar coat things sometimes and so it's out there...I'm lazy. So instead of packing, cleaning, organizing, paying bills, knitting, quilting, cleaning, packing, I've been reading. What have I been reading that has been so good that I have been neglecting my chores. It's a book series called "Elm Creek Quilts". My sister, who you can visit over at needles threads & crafts has borrowed to me the first six books of this series. I cannot, CANNOT put them down. If you are looking for a good read whether you are a quilter or not, you should pick these up. I'm sure that you can find them at the library. The problem is, I think that I'm missing one. Now these books don't need to be read in order, but I would suggest that. While they do talk about quilting and use some quilt terms, the basic story is about the lives and history of a group of women who support each other. In other words, if you are looking for a good story, you should check these out.
Of course, it does make me want to break out sewing machine and start in but if you reread the first sentence, I have work to do. However, if my sister is reading this, I need to know what book comes after the "Master Quilter". Is it "The Sugar Camp Quilt" or the Christmas one? Help your sister out.
I hope that you are enjoying reading my blog. I don't hear anything from anyone, although I'll admit, I'm a creeper too. I visit blogs without leaving a message. However, I wonder, what happens to my words once I press "publish post". Do they just go away never to be read again. But I guess the point isn't to have them read so much as it is for me to just write them down.
No house news. However, for those of you that are like me, I have my idea binder purchased and the pictures of all this cool to go into it. Isn't that a start at least?
ta ta for now